Mizuno introduces the Kizuna Countryside pack, featuring the Contender in three new iterations.







As a tribute to rural life, with each shoe symbolizing a different facet of this lifestyle, the Mizuno contenders are highlighted in a mix of its sporty origins and the raw materials you won't miss in the countryside. As opposed to urban living, which is increasingly expensive and chaotic, the tranquility and unpretentiousness of the country inspire you to enjoy the simpler things in life.

Each one of the Contenders represents a different beauty of the countryside; The Japanese ricefields, the techniques of honey production, and the simplicity of fruit picking. 



The Mizuno Contenders Countryside pack will be available online and in-store at Woei on Friday, February 23rd. 

Sizerange: EU38.5 - EU47

Price: €140,-


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