New Balance celebrates 40 years of UK manufacturing. This event was featured at the factory along the coast of Flimby. This location relocated in 1991, after they opened their first ever UK factory in Lillyhall, in 1982.



The New Balance ‘Made in UK 40th Anniversary’ shows the history of the five iconic silhouettes that were made in the factory. The pack contains the NB 1500, 991, 773, 670, and 920 ‘Made in the UK’.

The brand released a special ‘Flimby catalog pack’ for this celebration as a reminder of what has been produced over the years. 



Woei was one of the few retailers that were invited to this exclusive event, where NB created a schedule located in and around the factory, in Flimby. We got the chance to get a tour throughout the factory and got to see the step-by-step process of how a pair of the ‘Made in UK NB’ is produced and what kind of high-quality materials they use.

Materials such as tumbled leather and pigskin. The brand is constantly evolving to create long-lasting designs, and not to mention the amount of productions they finish, around 440 daily. It was also amazing to see the perfectionism it requires to produce one pair. New Balance only wants to send out the best of the best.

If the quality isn’t how they want it to be, they disapprove of the pair and start fresh. Some of the factory's hard-working staff have already been making shoes for the past 40 years, and it shows. The staff is working daily on the pairs of New Balance, while wearing them themselves. 


"...and not to mention the amount of productions they finish, around 440 daily."


But not only the Flimby factory was involved in the schedule. The attendees of the event also received two pairs of NB's, but not to show off, but to wear in the upcoming schedules. There was a hike planned, from the pub Swimside Inn to Cole Dale, which was a perfect moment to wear our New Balance Fresh Foam x Hierro V6 GTX’. But the event also brought us back to the basics. We got to sleep in a tent and there was no Internet connection to be found. 



We enjoyed the present moment and the beautiful, peaceful surroundings. 

We want to thank New Balance and the team involved in this great trip. We had a great time and enjoyed seeing the process of the 'Made in UK' series.




You can find the "Made in Uk" collection by New Balance instore and online at Woei.