The Nike Air Force 1 'Fresh' in All-White styled by Margreeth Olsthoorn


The Nike Air Force 1 in all-white is arguably the best-selling model Nike has to offer. Versatile in style and function, whether you need something fresh to visit your grandmother or to use as a daily beater. 

So who says you can't combine it with High Fashion?

We asked Margreeth Olsthoorn, the top choice for your high fashion needs in Rotterdam, to create full looks to go with the classic shoe. 

Scroll down to see Margreeth's vision for the Air Force 1 'Fresh'.






In the sneaker world, few styles can actually be called timeless. Those that do are true classics, like the Nike Air Force. Low cut, all white.

The sneaker received little attention at first, except for the original ads featuring NBA stars like Moses Malone and Mychal Thompson, and was only sold by Nike at downtown markets. However, that is old news.

The White Air Force 1 is one of the best-selling shoes of all time. Ten years ago, sporting goods analyst Matt Powell told The New York Times that the shoe sold an estimated 12 million pairs in 2005 alone. A decade later, the sneaker is still among Nike's best-selling sneakers.


Over the years, several colorways have been released, but the original white is, and remains, the most popular. People cannot get enough of this shoe.

The allover leather makes it not only stylish but also comfortable. Worn by all races, genders, and classes. But without the initial downtown fanbase that keeps it alive, the Air Force would most likely be little more than a shoe praised by true connoisseurs and historians but forgotten by all.








In conversation with Margreeth Olsthoorn



Margreeth Olsthoorn is the owner of the high fashion store Margreeth Olsthoorn in Rotterdam. She studied fashion design in art school rooted in her love of fashion, not only targeted at clothes but also from the need to create a world around it.  She started a concept store surrounding vintage interiors, and later on started adding clothing pieces to her collection. 


We wonder, how did she start out, and what did Margreeth think about when she created these looks?


Where did the passion for opening your own store grow from?

I wanted to do something that offered me freedom after working as an intern at several fashion agencies. I noticed that working beneath TL lamps and sitting behind a desk was not going to work, and would definitely not make me happy. 

I love hard work. If I set my mind to something I strive to put an intensive amount of work in. My former partner searched for vintage furniture throughout the country whereas I focused on clothing. At some point, brands started coming up to me asking if I wanted to sell their clothing in my store. You could say it's like a train that's not planning on stopping anytime soon. 


"The point is to create a world with more than just clothing pieces."


What's characteristic of the clothing that's on display here in the store?

I don't have any investors telling me what to do in my store, so I can really create my own story in the form of clothing. My style in clothing is pretty set, with a lot of pieces actually coming from the store. I see the store as a wardrobe, so to say. The pieces that hang in the store all have to fit together like puzzle pieces. If I was to stick to just one brand, there would be no balance, which is the most important thing. The clothing being of good quality and being nice to look at is of course also important. 



How did you put the outfits together?

First, I took a look at the shoes themselves. Shoes are in my opinion a crucial part of building a good outfit. If your outfit's nice but the shoes are bad, it all falls apart. 

The outfit on Cher is rich in contrast, the black and sparkling gold from the dress, with the wide and flowing jacket on top. The biker short underneath allows for free movement. In Lutz Huelle's designs, there are recurring themes of rich contrasts, humor, and great quality.

The jacket is from Henrik Vibskov, which brings an element of comfort to the outfit. Deshawn is wearing a technical suit from ISO.POETISM. He wears a Maison Margiela trench coat, also to bring in the element of comfort.  



Where can we find you?

I am located on the Wilheminakade right across the street from The Rotterdam. Recently I acquired a second space in the same hallway, and there's a make-up and hair studio opening soon next to it, so it'll be like a little fashion street indoors. I've also recently released my own magazine, which is available in my store as well as on my website. 



MARGREETH OLSTHOORN Wilhelminakade 52, 3072 AR Rotterdam



Many thanks to Margreeth for putting together these great outfits!


The Nike Air Force 1 Low 'Fresh' in All-White is available online and in-store at Woei.


Sizerange: EU36- EU47.5

Price: €140,-



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