If you have a passion for collecting rare or exclusive footwear, you're probably all too familiar with catching yourself developing some strong emotional ties for certain pairs from your collection.

In the monthly Kickin' the Door Blog series, we welcome fellow Rotterdam-based sneaker aficionados and footwear connoisseurs to share the Top 3 sneakers from their collection and let us in on the stories that make them so special. 






For the 24th edition of the Kickin’ the Door series, we are joined by Kerem Karaaslaan, who works as Sales Person at De Bijenkorf in his hometown, Rotterdam. Still being pretty young at 22 years old, his love for sneakers started when he was 15, when his mother allowed him to buy his first pair of sneakers.


We are curious - What are Kerem's Top 3 sneakers from his collection and more importantly, what are the stories behind them?





Nike x Patta Air Max 1 Waves "Noise Aqua"

(Released in 2021)


I drove from Rotterdam to Amsterdam and waited for 10 hours in line for these, as it was a first come-first serve release. They closed the line at the 350th person, and I was number 322 in the line, so I was pretty lucky that I was still able to get them that day. The day itself was pretty rough for me, as I still had to go to work from 6 - 10 PM that same day.







Nike Air Jordan 1 High "Bred Toe"

(Released in 2018)


It feels like yesterday when I got my hands on this pair. I waited for these in line for about 10 hours at Footlocker, but this time, I was the first in line. When it was my time to pay for the shoes, my card declined, even though I had the money. I told the manager of the store I was getting the cash from the ATM and I would return, and asked if she could hold the shoes for me until I would be back. It wasn't possible so I really had to hurry. I ran as quickly as I could from the ATM and back, but had forgotten my wallet at the ATM, after getting it back I was finally able to pay and get my pair. Stressful day...







New Balance 650R x Aimé Leon Dore "White Grey"

(Released in 2022)


I love New Balance sneakers because they look very nice on feet and are extremely comfortable. This is also a new model, and I haven't seen many people walking around with these yet, so they feel extra special. I really love the cream midsole and the fact that this is a High-top, rather than a Low. Big fan of this collaboration and of this particular shoe.







Nike Air Force 2 High EU "Chicago"

(Released in 2003)


I got these shoes from my cousin when I was 13, which he got from his brother. At that time, they barely held any value to me, but as I got older, and started getting into sneakers, I started wearing them everyday, until I was able to get a new pair. These started my entire sneaker journey and they mean a lot to me, also because I got them from my older cousin. I see them as an art piece now.