As we love to work with our favorite passion-driven artists we couldn’t help but wonder; what are their favs at this moment and why? 
Scroll down to check out their answers!



What is your fav....?
Nobirs: Django Unchained
Zwangere Guy: MID90’s 
...album cover?
Nobirs: Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle
Zwangere Guy: Westside Gunn - Pray for Paris
Nobirs:  Agent Orange - Bloodstains
Zwangere Guy: Sainte - On me clip?
Nobirs: The Blaze - Territory 
Zwangere Guy:  *Unknown*
Nobirs: Portrait of my dad on my chest
Zwangere Guy: *Unknown*
...moment in your career?
Nobirs: Tattoo for moms 
Zwangere Guy: Haven't experienced it yet
Nobirs: Horse 
Zwangere Guy: Fish, because it tastes so good. spot?
Nobirs: Italy
Zwangere Guy: Costa Rica
...quote ?
Nobirs: My granddad always told me: "Niet klagen maar dragen en wachten op betere dagen",
Still waiting, I think:)
Zwangere Guy: "Als ze praten gaat het goed, als ze haten gaat het beter. S/o Hef
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