Nike Basketball styled by Hendrikus


Henk de Lauré is the owner of the Rotterdam-based store Hendrikus. He started the brand as a hobby and used to go to markets to sell his vintage clothing. Later on, he started selling his clothing in a store called 'Blick Brillen'.

Hendrikus as we know it now was started 2.5 years ago.

We decided to pay Henk's store a visit with some selected pairs from our collection, accompanied by outfits that were styled by Henk himself. 


Nike Air Zoom Flight 95


Where did the passion start to open your own store?

I've always said that I'd like to have my own store. Then I didn't know that by the time I was 50, I'd be running my own brand. I didn't have a physical space for Hendrikus until one day I went to get a tattoo of my own logo, in the tattoo studio that was located exactly here at the Pannenkoekstraat. The owner at the time told me that he was leaving, so I took the opportunity to open my own business right here in the heart of Rotterdam.





What is characteristic of the clothing that hangs here?

Everything that's sold in the store must meet a few requirements; everything should be undamaged and it has to be clean.

The store is a mix of vintage and designer vintage, but there are also items that have come out in more recent collections. Most of the pieces are black because I prefer black, and I would love to only sell black items. That isn't realistic for a store, because not everyone likes black, sadly. So, the items are also mixed with prints, some have a little color. For me, it is important that I also want to wear it.



Nike Air Penny II


How did you put together the outfits?

I wanted to do something with army green, but I didn't have that in the store. Coincidentally, a friend of mine makes jackets in the exact color I was looking for. And she happened to text me if I wanted those jackets for the store, so I quickly had an outfit in mind for the guys. For the girl, I was not exactly sure about what I wanted, but as soon as I got this new dress it was a great match. And it was a perfect fit!




Nike Air Penny


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Hendrikus Instagram: @byhendrikus