We came up with the "Kickin The Door"-series out of curiosity and the shared passion for sneakers. Running our sneaker boutique, based in Rotterdam, for almost 13 years we met loads of interesting people who share the love for sneakers. However, throughout a decent amount of time, everybody builds up a totally different collection and maybe even more interesting: their own stories to tell!
With "Kickin The Door" we thrive to display those stories behind the sneakers they have, but also about the person itself.
The bigger the collection the bigger the variation of stories! And that's why we started, besides our ongoing photo-series, a video series which can be found on our YouTube-channel! 
Here we will post a new video every month; so you know the drill: 


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For the first episode of Kickin The Door, Woei visits Dj Cutnice a.k.a. Miraldo Walden. Subscribe to our channel to find out what Dj Cutnice his top 5 sneakers are going to be!



Check out Dj Cutnice on IG.
Film & Edit by David Spanish.
Artwork by Piet Parra.
Music by Masta Lee.