Since opening its doors to the public for the first time in 2007, Woei has left its mark on the international sneaker and streetwear community with several collaborations including Asics, Patta, and Stüssy along the way.

But the interests and passions of the Woei crew reach far beyond just shoes and apparel; Besides providing the streets with the latest from Nike, Adidas, and Co., music has always been at the heart of the store. Considering the highly curated playlists and mixes that can be heard in the store and hosting some of Rotterdam's most notorious parties, the belief that music unites is deeply ingrained in the Woei DNA. 

Based on this deep connection, we want to shine a spotlight on some of our favorite local musicians to talk about what sparked their passion for music and hear their take on common dilemmas in the music industry.  

 For episode #35 of WOEI FM, we met with Ferré to talk about representation in the clubbing-scene in Rotterdam, experimentation within Deejaying, and his start with it.


Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Frederik Teixeira aka Ferré. I just turned 31, and currently work at Worm Rotterdam as the club/night programmer. I am a DJ, and producer as well. I was born in Vlaardingen, with my roots being in Cabo Verde, but have lived here for about 11 years now.

How did you come up with your DJ name?

I wasn’t a great fan of my own name, so when it came to making up my artist name, I took my name and just added some flair to it.

How long have you been spinning?

For about 7/8 years now, and during Covid I started producing.

What does a typical day in your life look like?

When I wake up, I pretty much immediately check my e-mails, and whatever appointments I have during the day.

After lunch I’ll go to work at Worm. Sometimes it’ll be studio sessions, or working on my own concepts. In the evening I’ll be working out or filling out the rest of the day doing something else.


We’re now at WORM, what does this spot mean to you?

I have some great memories here. I’ve always appreciated that this is an alternative and hip spot, always offering something else compared to the rest of the city.

What sounds do you want to bring to WORM?

The alternative and experimental sounds are most important to me. Bringing something else, yet maintaining the feeling of community. It makes me happy hearing people tell me that it was what they were missing in the city.

I’d like to offer platforms to communities who might not have one at the moment.

What does Rotterdam, as a city, mean to you?

Might be a bit cliché, but… everything! I truly feel at home here, though at times it can be a pretty crap city as well. If you find something special, you’ll truly have to put a 1000% into it, otherwise you can simply kiss it goodbye. I find that a little hard about the city sometimes, because we all like to complain very much. But that also has its charms I suppose, Rotterdammers are very down-to-earth.

Do you have any favourite spots in Rotterdam?

1. Hinoki Noodle Soup

2. Set Noodle

3. De Schieblock

When did you realise that music was going to have such a big impact on your life?

Only when I was 24. My cousin had bought a DJ set and asked me if I wanted to learn it as well, and we started together with Old Skool Hip-Hop. I was a law student at the time, but I dropped it to completely set my focus on music.

What do you spin exactly?

Now I mainly play sounds that are in great contrast to one another. Electronic, UK Garage, Jungle Breaks, but some hard African Techno influences as well.



"I’d like to offer platforms to communities who might not have one at the moment."

What was your first performance, and how did it go?

It was my niece’s birthday party in Schiedam. There were like 10 people max, but it was fun. My first proper club night was at Bird for a Mix-tape contest. I invited all my friends but it didn’t go great. Nonetheless, it was a great experience!

Vinyl or Digital?


Are there any artists/DJs you currently look up to?

Many artists like Hagan, DJ Swisha, Kikelomo, Baltra, Sango, Benny Rodrigues, DJ Abstract, Beau Zwart, and INVT.

Some heroes from Rotterdam; Franky, Crisps, and Samwho.

How do you select your music for upcoming gigs/mixes/events?

It differs. But in general, I throw everything in one folder and work from there.

Club nights or Festivals?

Club Nights.



Is there a certain club/ venue you’d still like to perform at?

Club Raum would be cool.

Do you have a tune you’d like to share with the readers?

Top parties of all time where you played?

I’d say at Paloma Bar in Berlin, and on one of the trucks at Love Parade.

Is there something on your agenda that you’re able to share with us?

I’ll be releasing my first EP in 2024. Be ready!


What can we expect from your Operator set?

I’ll start out with some Afro sounds, blend into Garage and House, and maybe go a bit harder towards the end.

Any last words for the readers?

You do you! Do what makes you happy.


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