If you have a passion for collecting rare or exclusive footwear, you're probably all too familiar with catching yourself developing some strong emotional ties for certain pairs from your collection.

In the monthly Kickin' the Door Blog series, we welcome fellow Rotterdam-based sneaker aficionados and footwear connoisseurs to share the Top 3 sneakers from their collection and let us in on the stories that make them so special. 






For the 25th edition of the Kickin’ the Door series, we are joined by Rose de Haan.

She works as an Art Director/Designer at Foot Locker, and her love for sneakers started at a very young age, with her grandmother being a big influence by taking Rose and her sister out to go sneaker shopping when they were younger.


We are curious - What are Rose's Top 3 sneakers from her collection and more importantly, what are the stories behind them?






Nike x Jacquemus Air Humara "Light Bone and Gold"

(Released in 2022)


I have to admit that pretty much all my top pairs already have been mentioned on this series, so that's why I chose a couple of more recent pairs which I think deserve appreciation alongside the beautiful OG's. I couldn't leave this fresh pair out. When I came across the campaign shots I already knew that I needed a pair, without actually seeing the actual shoe in detail. As an Art Director I'm very much a sucker for strong images and campaigns and this campaign really did it for me. I'm pretty much a person that buys a pair based on emotions only! It's not my favorite model, however I immediatly fell in love the moment I opened the box, even seeing the box did it for me.

Jacquemus is a brand that's really high up my list, and is often a reference/inspiration point for my own work, or for the colours of my fits. So, an Essential for my collection! The details are insane and I especially love the inprint the sole leaves on the floor.









Nike Air Jordan 3 "Dark Mocha"

(Released in 2022)




The recently released Air Jordan 3 Neapolitan a.k.a Dark Mocha gets a nice second spot in my top 3, among many other favorites. In my opinion a very underrated pair, that definitely shine, quality and color-wise. I've been a die-hard Air Jordan 1 lover for many years, but the Air Jordan 3's have been growing on me, these last couple of years. I really like that it has a rougher silhouette, which fits with my appreciation for over-sized fits. Because of that appreciation, my Jordan 3 and 4 collections have almost been overtaking my Jordan 1 collection. Who would've thought? ;)

This is the first pair in my collection of which I started collecting based on the looks and outfits, instead of being an OG Jordan 3 collector. Next to my own loved pairs, the collections I still want to complete, and the stories behind them, every now and then I try to focus on specific things to look for in a shoe to add to the collection. Lately, that has been: a sail colored midsole. Gladly, that is something that's been appearing a lot, this Jordan 3 included. I especially loved the colorway on this one, that was inspired by the popular Italian ice cream. The combination of the sail midsole with the Dark Mocha is even better in hand!









Nike Air Structure Triax 91 "Pink"

(Released in 2021)



Nike re-released the WMNS exclusive colorway of the Air Structure Triax 91 in 2021. This felt like a dream come true, as this was one of the pairs that had been high up my wishlist, and for many reasons! Aside from the fact that they are the most comfortable, in my opinion, I really wanted these because they were released in my own birthyear, which I also have a collection for. Sometimes, I like to collect sneakers like a watch collecter picks their Rolex'.
This pair also takes me back to past times, as this is the sneaker that I had been introduced to earlier in my youth.
And I haven't even mentioned the shape or colour yet. The use of lines and sharp angles make my designer heart beat faster, and the embroidered logo on the padded tongue is something I really love. I can only hope for more colorways soon! I'm also a fan of the additude behind this colorway, pink is always a good idea!










Nike x AMBUSH Dunk High "Black"

(Released in 2020)



From the first moment that I saw the first images I went crazy! I've already been a huge fan of AMBUSH, since my first study, to be exact! Next to that, I've been known to enjoy the Black/White combination, for a few years now. A Black and White Dunk, with special effects together with my favorite brands, this had to be made for me! Sadly, I wasn't able to get it during the regular releases, so my partner came up with his genius plan to gift them to me for my birthday. He hadn't really been into sneakers and the sneaker-world up to that point, so he didn't want to get me any sneakers for my birthday, until he decided to get me these, which really came as a surprise. They became even more special after I read about the idea behind the design. This collaboration was based on a Japanese motorbike.

The car and truck culture was highlighted by the reworked proportions on the silhouette, which gave the shoe an aero-dynamic look. The extended Swoosh and heel cap are a wink to the extended tailpipes and the raised rear chassis of motorbikes and trucks. My partner is part of the drag racing scene, which makes this shoe the first sneaker with a backstory that he actually understands. That made me love this air double as much, a new collector has been born! I think it's amazing that that love can still develop and grow at any age.

Back to the shoe. A pair with the redesigned swoosh of perfect leather, using the traditional 1985 color-blocking, and the foam tongue with the co-branded label are like the cherry on top of the fact that my partner has now also become a sneaker lover.